How to Give Your Space a Parisian-Inspired Makeover

While travel may be at a standstill right now, you can still transport yourself to your favorite place—through books, movies, exploring museums online, creating foods from a region, and even imbuing a certain essence and charm into your home.

Was a French getaway on your mind? Instead of going to Paris—let’s bring Paris to you!

For those wanting to capture that certain je ne sais quoi and bring a touch of Parisian-inspired flair to their homes…this guide is for you!

Style Elements

Nowadays, Parisian flats come in every shape, size, and range in so many different types of décor. After all, it’s a cosmopolitan city.

However, for this post, I’m aiming for a quintessential and classic Parisian-inspired vibe, reminiscent of the turn of the century apartments, along with a splash of subway tiles, and a fairly neutral palette (read: creamy whites, grays and blacks, some tans and neutral tones, and maybe a pop of color here and there).

That iconic Parisian-style apartment comes from trying to make the most out of one’s space (many flats in Paris are quite small and rent costs a pretty penny).

When it comes to design, the idea is for everything to have a purpose, be beautiful, and incorporate items made to last a long time.

Since natural light can be limited in the iconic Haussmann buildings, mirrors are essential for bouncing light into rooms. White walls are popular, too, making spaces look and feel bigger—and again, playing up the light factor.

paris apartment1

For the Bathroom

So, a vintage clawfoot tub might not be the easiest thing to come by…and quite the splurge—but there are a few other ways to add a bit of sophistication to the bathroom.

First things first—have you considered installing a bidet to your toilet? Check out this one available on Amazon!

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Style Tip:

My suggestion is to make the space into an oasis: Invest in perfumes you love, some candles to light while in the bath, and lovely oils that make you feel extra glamorous. Oh, and if there’s space for a side table, you could add a bouquet there!


Have a patio or a backyard? Bring on the French café chairs! Create a cheese platter, turn on some twinkle lights and music, and make your backyard feel like a piece of Paris.

Bonus points if you snag a few of these mesh market bags…and this bag for all your bigger items (or florals!).

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What elements would you incorporate into your home to give it a Parisian-inspired look?

What other places would you like to see home décor guides for? Let me know in the comments below!

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